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Professional Carpet Care
Nashville, Tennessee
(615) 228-7771
Specialty Services & Projects
Professional Carpet Care not only provides residential and commercial building cleaning, but
also professional cleaning to those recreational homes in our area.  While sometimes it is a bit
more difficult to balance on a floating houseboat, or clean the tight spaces of a luxury motor
Professional Carpet Care has the tools, training and attention to detail to offer these
clients the best cleaning as if we were in their homes.

Professional Carpet Care's work at times unfortunately extends into trauma scenes or chemical
spills.  Our training in bio-hazard cleanup is used for such jobs where we are required to clean
up after minor or major blood spills such as crime scenes.  Careful attention to detail and safety
must be paid due to the unknow dangers in dealing with such body fluids.

Due to the unfortunate use of illegal substances such as methamphetamines, homes and hotel
rooms are a regular site at which criminals prefer to put others at risk by mixing dangerous
chemicals to make "meth".  After law enforcement has cleared the site, we are fully capable of
entering and preparing a dwelling for rehabitation after such occurrences.

In all instances, careful attention and testing must be done to insure that all residue of blood,
body fluids, and chemicals has been fully removed so not to infect any future occupants.
Small structural drying from toilet overflow.
Crime scene bloodspill cleanup.
Luxury houseboat carpet cleaning.
Meth contaminated kitchen cleanup.
Private RV cleaning.
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