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Professional Carpet Care
Nashville, Tennessee
(615) 228-7771
Residential Carpet Cleaning
Cleaning residential carpeting requires special skill sets and attention to detail.  Unlike many large,
impersonal franchise companies, or inexperienced fly-by-night cleaners, we offer service each time
that includes:
  • Walk-through inspection to detect damage and identify spots, stains, or areas of concern
  • Dry vacuuming to remove loose soils and trash prior to wetting
  • Spot treatment of obvious spots and spills
  • Full application of carpet conditioner AND deep scrubbing to fully penetrate and loosen the dirt
    and soils in your carpeting
  • Deep steam extraction with truck mounted equipment to remove the soil and trash from your
    home.  (We never dump water into customers toilets or drains, but rather remove it when we
    leave your property.)  Depending upon the need, our equipment may be adjusted to 250
    degrees in order to add to our cleaning, odor killing, and disinfectant capabilities!
  • Normal deodorizing is included to provide you with a light, clean, and fresh aroma without those
    harsh, chemical or aerosol sprays.

While many companies charge additional for basic services such as vacuuming, deep scrubbing, pre-
conditioning, or deodorizing, Professional Carpet Care believes that a one price approach simplifies
and speeds the process.  

There are of course instances where specialized services are needed.  And, we offer these as well:
  • Some homes that have not been adequately sealed form black "filtration lines" around the walls
    and under doors.  Removal of these stains does require an additional process which we offer at
    a reasonable price.
  • For those accidental "red dye spills" such as Kool-Aid, these as well will not simply wash out with
    our powerful detergents but must be heat processed out and also are offered at a very
    reasonable rate.
  • Scotchguard protectant to protect against spills in between professional cleanings.
Brentwood, Tennessee residential home cleaning.
Vacant property cleaning.
Results of cleaning up after customers pets.
Carpeted stairs individually hand cleaned.
Florida winter home cleaning of local residential customer.
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