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Nashville, Tennessee
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Compare the services you receive from Professional Carpet Care to others in the Nashville area along with their current
PLEASE NOTE: All cleaning companies may change their prices, service offerings, coverage areas,
warranties, etc. from time to time so make sure to call and get current details and pricing before choosing a carpet
These prices/service offerings were obtained by phone quotes given on April 11, 2011 based on cleaning for 3
regular sized rooms under 250 square feet each, 6' x 4' Hallway, and regular sized synthetic fabric sofa under 6'.  
(Natural fibers may have additional charge.)
We are currently working to update our
comparison prices.  They will be posted soon.

Until it is complete, when comparing cleaning
services, make sure to compare similar
services including cleaning method (deep
steam cleaning, dry cleaning, foam cleaning,
etc.), along with the services included such as
spot treatment, deep scrubbing, deodorizing,
etc.  Also, if you are checking with a national
franchise check between locations as
franchise pricing may vary depending upon
where you live and the areas they cover.