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Professional Carpet Care
Nashville, Tennessee

With over 20 years experience, Professional Carpet Care technician provides Nashville and Middle
Tennessee with dependable and goal oriented service.

A small, owner operated company, focusing more on each individual customer, rather than servicing
huge numbers of franchise quotas, we strive to provide you with the cleanest possible result for the
lowest possible price.

If you are needing your residential, office, restaurant, or church flooring or upholstery cleaned, we
can do it; and do it well!

A limited number of scheduled appointments daily allow us to focus on the details and get results.

With certified technician completing training classes annually to improve and hone skills, we strive to
offer customers the best available services using superior American produced products and
equipment.  Cleaning thousands of square feet annually, we have the experience to take care of you.
Want To Know About Us?

“We will never go back to the
large national franchise we
previously used.   You always
do a much better job and
charge us less.”

- Stacey M. - Restaurant GM
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